Alexander Biggs – Laundromat

Alexander Biggs is still sounding like an honest dream.

alexander biggs laundromat

We love self-recording artists. The capacity to record a song on their own. The vision that is necessary to build a song without anybody else’s input. The amount of dedication and soul given to a song. It’s unbeatable.

The newest song by Alexander Biggs is one of those examples, but is also special to us because of a lot of other reasons. First, because Alexander reminds us (even more) of our dear Clara – who past away about a year ago. Alexander’s 2017 EP Still You Sharpen Your Teeth is still one of the best we ever heard, and Clara illustrated Figure It Out with that same feeling about a year and a half ago.

Alexander Bigg’s 2017 Figure It Out interpreted by o S A P O m u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G

Secondly, because this self-produced new track entitled Laundromat, was written and recorded in many distinct places, but is a continuation of his sensibility and good taste. Lyrically touching, it is a song by a storyteller by excellence. The whispered vocals in the track are gorgeous all-around and always feel like the most necessary breeze. Laundromat, is above all, a song that only needs to be listened. Without many words that can describe it.

Alexander will be in SXSW next month. For us, he is the one to not miss. 

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