[TGIF] Life, People and Clouds

It's all about great new songs, regardless the genre, mindful of music.

Life, People and Clouds

Even though Friday is gone for two days already, we are still hanging on the last week best releases. Regardless of genre, or feelings they transmit, here they are for every single of you to enjoy it as much as we do: 

Foreign Fields – Don’t Give Up

This duo from Wisconsin got back on the recording game the best possible way with this hopeful and beautiful song – the first single of The Beauty of Survival, their third album. Don’t Give Up shines between the best of the indie-folk and the alternative-pop worlds, becoming a sweet but empowering melodic piece of art. This is a song with strong enough lyrics to give the listener a rest to restart, to take a breath and to keep on going. We would recommend for you to experience it alone: It will get you a smile in the end.

No Maka, Sean P – Viver

No Maka and Sean P are single-handed responsible for a lot of the afro-electronic hits in Portugal. But not only. They are also responsible also for the production of Madonna and Annita newest hit. And if the reason is not obvious from the amount of electronic hooks present in those songs, after you listen to their latest Viver you’ll found it obvious. Super powerful – even for people that don’t love the genre – super hooking. But also surprising and revolutionary. This is the best that modern electro-pop hits has to offer.

Ben Wylen – People Say

We feel very confident that Ben Wylen’s debut album People Say will be one of the highlights of the year for us. Releasing one single per month, the first single has the album name and perfectly illustrates our enthusiasm. Sounding modern but tasteful, a bit Elton John but also a bit Hozier, People Say is electrifying and gorgeous. Melodically unreal this is a song to listen to many many times – no matter the mood you’re in it will get you pumped for life.

Talitha Ferri – Home

Half Danish half American, Talitha is a singer-songwriter who writes about her problems, mental health and insecurities and love. Common themes nowadays, but only few do it so nicely and in such beautiful way putting any struggle and anxiety held in one deep breath, exhaling a colorful pallet in every note she sings. Instrumentally it all sounds cohesive and clear, but paying attention, one can hear some noises as if it was all recorded at home, connecting us even more to her. Ferri let us all enter her Home and we felt peace and love in it.

Patricia Lalor – Actually

This young yet very talented girl from Gorey, Ireland, recently released her debut EP with the same name as the single, Actually. Owning a raw and already mature voice, Lalor sings her soul out while she waves from highs and lows in a very soul-ish way, mixed with sober folk notes. And she plays. Yes, she plays the guitar and the variations she makes and melodies she explore reminds likes of Jordan Rakei and Oh Land melodies and harmonies. This is probably one of the most promising talents in the past months.

The Monk Batucada – Not All Clouds Are Safe

Imagine a jazz septet. Imagine all its complexity and possible sonorities. At first we might think that it can’t be that surprising, but while we listen to The Monk Batucada we realize how innovative a jazz band can be. Not All Clouds Are Safe is the second single off of their second album, released later last year, and at some point we actually forget we’re listening to a jazz-based band, with inspirations in post-rock, pop, and experimental modern sonorities, this song reflects what the album has to offer, closing it in the most perfect way. The Boston-based band -with members from Denmark, Brazil and USA- is a fresh air for everyone who likes to be surprised in every play.

Enjoy this soundtrack for your week.
All the love,
WtMM Team