Cilla – Feels Right

Pop-music is alive and well!

You probably know her already but I’ve been asking myself what the hell happened to pop-music; the great chord progressions, the smooth vocals, the simple poems, the relatable feelings… where are those 80’s and 90’s ear-worms? Where are the hunting tones from radios and music tv channels?

Well, for me, a pop-lover, one of the fighters keeping pop alive as it must be, is this must-have-on-my-playlist lovely young New Yorker called Cilla. This freaking talented Berkley’s student already had something to say before, with incredible songs as Hold Me Down and Needed but now she came out again to put the capital P on both “Powerful” and “Pop” with her new track, Feels Right

This last song got me while I waited for the sub after a long day of work and I felt for it on the spot. When the third chord, the jazzy one, hits, the song begins to uncover itself, giving the impression that something awesome and bigger is about to touch you, to change your mood. Cilla turns everything around with an excellent but simple, easy and soft poem about falling in love easily and wanting things to be calm and simple, just the way they are, one of the most relatable feeling ever. In the end, she is responsible for the goosebumps I got from her calming, friendly, bitter-sweet voice, singing those words on the top of those incredibly well chosen chords. 

Feels Right is just that! It does feels like everything in pop-music turned the way it did so we could have this moment and I’m flying-happy for being a part of it as a listener. A nostalgic pop-lover one.