Charles Loren – Pulse

"Music is what feelings sound like." The Andrew WK quote that inspired Loren's latest release.

All photos by Ryan Rose
Charles Loren Pulse Photo Bomb

Over the years, New Jersey has produced musical powerhouses spanning the genres. Notable artists include Asbury Park legend Bruce Springsteen as well as newcomers Pinegrove and Real Estate. With the release of his latest album Pulse, Charles Loren establishes his position as another Garden State talent.

Music is what feelings sound like.”, the words of Andrew WK, inspired themes on Loren’s album, Pulse. Loren conveys deep emotions throughout his compositions, believing that “.. the music captures a mood, like a journal entry, that (he) can’t really describe in words.”.

Navigating the album, you’ll find evidence of Loren’s positivity. Describing his process, he says, “I always write the chords and melody first, and the lyrics come later – where I might be in a totally different mood.”  Loren says his happy state of mind birthed the songs Let’s Talk Ourselves Up, Sides, and Unclaimed Baggage, despite the lyrics’ melancholy tones. He visits and revisits concepts of self doubt, envisioning goals, growth, and change.

Currently, Loren is developing a 6 track EP, Dobbs Ferry, named after a town he attended university in. The EP is set to be released later this year!

You can find Loren’s music across all social media platforms as well as on Spotify: