[PREMIERE] Danny Starr – Our Design

In his newest song, Danny Starr showcases what could make him a new reference in indie music composition.

Photo by Hassan Sherif
Danny Starr premiere

21-year old Danny Starr is a singer-songwriter born and raised in London who began writing songs at the age of 13. Gathering support across the industry because of his indie pop meets rock songwriting skills, he released more than a dezen of tracks in the last two years gathering close to half a million streams.

He starts 2020 with the release of perhaps his greatest track to date. Entitled Our Design, this is a track that draws from that soft indie rock spirit we like so much, and that made us think about acts such as James. The track is marked by his strong and catchy vocals that feel both modern and classic. And the soft but clever variations in the song hooks the listener from start to end, in a continuous crescendo of pace and melody.

Our Design will be released everywhere in two days and has all the marks of a new indie classic. A track that could easily help Danny Starr and his gorgeous vocal nuances turn him into a new reference of commercial radios too.

Playing live shows since he was 14, Danny should be touring all around Europe this year, starting next month, so be sure to get him live!

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