Jakob Leventhal – Back Again So Soon

What dream-pop should sound like.

Jakob Leventhal is a NYC, self-taught musician, with one released album in 2018, ( Oh, So Bittersweet! ) alongside other projects. Honestly, I really didn’t knew anything about him until 3 days ago. 

Well, I like to think of myself as a dream-pop lover and I know that we are only now beginning to find out what is this weird-aerial-sounding genre but until february 2020 we had no Back Again So Soon to guide us. Now we have.

It stroke me while I was taking a rest: The opening cymbal opens a door to a dreamy world where it is ok to rest and to dream, making me feel relaxed and cozy, almost like if a close friend just came by to whisper you something so you can peacefully take a minute to yourself. The lyrics are a perfect case of balance between pain and sweetness and the poem seems to be even more beautiful in the second verse, mostly because of the melodic changes.

So, in the end, Back Again So Soon is meant to be a pure dream-pop track: it is soft, engaging, sweet, dreamy, not-real-pop but still pop and vocal-driven, with no much more elements then a couple of guitars and a smooth bass. This is dream-pop to me. This is the dream-pop I love. So how didn’t I knew anything about Jakob Leventhal until 3 days ago?


We are happy to welcome Simão Reis as a new writer for WtMM. Simão is passionate about music and musician himself. And we treasure his opinions about music and about the composition process behind. Also he is deeply poetic. Welcome Simão!