Maple & Beech – Under My Nose

Maple & Beech is quirky and different, and very very good.

Photo by Christopher Goyette
Maple & Beech New Secret

Minnesota producer Tyler Tholl created Maple & Beech as an original project a couple of years ago. However, due to the amount of sound present in the tracks the project naturally grew into a seven-piece ensemble composed of family and friends. Now, Maple & Beech is an indie-pop group infused with gorgeous electronic elements and and deep whole sound that sounds distinct and evolutionary.

The band released their self-titled album on the Summer of 2019 (after a previous album in 2017) with a set of tracks that transmit the sense of exploration and wowness to every listener smart enough to hit the play button on the whole thing. An album that is ultimately about all things in life and where opposites are sort of attracted to each other.  From lies to truths, from despair to hope or just noise and order.

Under My Nose is perhaps the highlight track of the album. Much because both vocals in it sound mysterious and powerful, and also because the track sounds at bits like Alex Vargas less electronic songs and Bowie’s capacity to surprise. The pace marked by a synth-based sample works like charm until the whole song suffers a kind of dark explosion of evolution. The chorus is also an ever changing one. And like everything in the track, sounds gorgeous and defying every time we listen to it. A courageous but very fulfilling song.

Throughout the album the listener can find other dream-pop inspired tracks like Like We Mean It. A track that takes its time to grow, but that never turns away from a quirky dreamy vibe that feels both enchanting and melancholic. 

Personal favourites also include the ending track I Will Move with You, a small song that sounds as tender as honest, and deeply about love. Probably the best thing we can say about it is that it sounds like the impersonation of a true feeling of companionship. And there aren’t many feelings better than that one.

 Marple & Beech album is a gorgeous indie achievement that is passing too unknown inside the indie community. And we all know how many great pieces of art were only rightly acknowledged a long time after they were made. We acknowledge this one. A gorgeous album.

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