golda – Under

Feeling under this week? Just listen to the cathartic new single by golda.

golda under new secret

Ready for some gorgeous Monday morning vibes? 

golda is a child of Ukrainian parents who grew up in Chicago and San Diego. At the age of 5 she discovered her love for music and taught herself how to sing opera. That kind of maturity is also transmitted through her indie project entitled golda. Wish I Was Someone Else was her first ever release two months ago. A gorgeous pop infused song that is filled with the type of melodies and nuances we were used to listen in projects like Lorde. The song talks about her own values and education, giving it a storytelling vibe and a sense of rare honesty. Beautiful all around it was already a beautiful track to introduce her project.

Still, a couple of days ago she put out under. A track that picks up on the same vibe of the first one but sounds as a more cathartic experience. Both dark and light, with some very very gorgeous vocal bits that seem capable of sticking both into our ears and soul at the same time. Catchy for years, the dark instrumentals behind the vocals provide the song with some stability while the vocals make it dramatic and disturbing in a gorgeous way. under is never dull or repetitive but ever powerful and touching. A great track that makes her already a standout of 2020 for us.

golda is to release her debut ep this year featuring other 4 tracks. We are eagerly waiting for it.