Mountain Bird – 5years

Breath this in and let yourself go.

Mountain Bird 5years

Long-time has gone since we heard something alike what Moby has done in his golden times. Today we listened to Mountain Bird. This Stockolm-based singer songwriter and producer of indietronica his one rare creator that manages to make a dark-melodic track sound inspiring and lifting.

5years is the last of fives singles released in a small time. And the one that closes Mountain Bird’s new EP DearBrainLetMeSleep5Years is a gorgeous combination of beautiful elements magically placed in harmony. Therapeutic both for the creator and the listener, this is pop in its most electric form. The build up is crazy hooking and almost impossible to resist. Both the drum elements and the deep-bass piano chords are the set up for other synth elements, and the vocal bits the top of the harmony. The choir elements – just like Moby – are the cherry on top of a super addictive song.

Built at a magical home-based studio in Berlin and product of therapeutic way of life, 5years is one to keep inside forever.

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