Ian Randall Thornton – Send Somebody

Ready to be feel like flying? This is Ian Randall Thornton's folk with wings.

Photo by Lauren Stonestreet

Making whispered-like vocals sounding relevant and powerful must be one of the most difficult things to accomplish in this world. But, when it works, it works like charm. It takes us on a journey more easily than any other type of vocals. Ian Randall Thornton might be a wizard on the art of whispered vocals. His vocals are evidently based on a bass register, but the way he sings make it sound light and gentle. This multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter mixes folk with post-rock and poetic vibes and rounds it with unusual sonorities. But somehow, everything sounds perfect, dreamy and experimental but also deep and warm.

Send Somebody is his latest song to date. Released 3 days ago, the track will be part of his sophomore album coming out next month. Describing his songs as “centered around the theme of finding peace through the humble practice of letting go” he really understands what the song emanates. More experimental and dreamy than his previous compositions, the beginning resonates like The National’s typical guitar arrangements. Soon the song lights everything up with the gentle drum background, until the vocals come in and ties everything gorgeously. 

Send Somebody evolves unexpectedly and powerfully including oriental sounding elements and progreeding throughout. The song grows from start to end while maintaining its (only) apparent simplicity. The last third of the song is dominated by classical instruments and cinematic sonority, only to sound like a contained explosion of sound in its very end.

Just delightful.


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