As the end draws to a close we can't let some of the greatest songs of the year go.

When we were halfway 2019 we celebrated our 700th post with a list of great songs released in the first six months of the year. Now, as the year comes to a close, we draw attention to other great songs that have been released throughout the year that we should perhaps have written about earlier. Still, this is a best-of list. Because when it comes to best-of lists they are all about what or which songs moved us the most. And these ones, moved us throughout the year. And will continue to. We are sure of that.

Don’t expect your favourite songs to be in this list though. Expect, however, to be surprised with great songs you never heard before. Those are the ones we feel in owe.

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Damon Mitchell – Elise

Part of Damon Mitchell debut EP with the same name, Elise is an indie mix of pop and indie rock that incorporates elements from Beatles and Death Cab for a Cutie and finds in Damon unusual vocals an unexpected melodic feel. Melodically clever and sounding like a genuine rendition to the old times with guitar solos and instrumental overflow, transporting us back to Dire Straits songs. A breath of old classics with a certain modern honesty that will surprise you how catchy it turns to be.

Matt Shapiro – Is There Something Going On 

Is There Something Going On is part of Matt Shapiro 2019 EP Fade In, and is “a song about betrayal”. However, it is also a song that is melodically uprising and feels airy and involving. Dream Pop with a strong Pop base, it founds in Matt sort-of-falsetto all the gorgeous honesty it needs. 90s inspired too, it has a very catchy chorus that we’ve seen ourselves singing in the shower in no-time. 

Jacob Faurholt – Halloween Pumpkin

Jacob Faurholt is one of Denmark’s most known songwriters. With his label entitled Raw Onion Records he has released more than 10 albums with his touch. Halloween Pumpkin was one of his latest releases and is part of his 2019 EP entitled Sad People. Marked by the simplicity of a guitar and his vocals, but also by a dark vibe introduced by a second guitar, this is a dark folk pumpkin that truly embodies the spirit of the lyrics in order to sound transcendental. 

Liam Bailey – Hold Tight

A reference to us since day one, Liam Bailey continues to put out great songs year after year, and 2019 was no different. Releasing two distinct EPs during this year, was in Brand New that we found our favorite songs. Alternative soul meets reggae in its best, heavily influenced by one of the most melodic vocals we ever heard, Hold Tight is the perfect illustration of how good and uplifting Liam Bailey always sounds. Hooky vocals, generous in terms of instruments, and melodically impossible to not adore. Bob Marley would be a fan. We are sure of that.

The Wild State – Youth

Brighton-based The Wild State are a case of love at first listen. Youth made it for us. Both Cinematic, super involving in terms of instrumental sonority – almost The National like – and with some of the most unique and strong vocals out there. It also creates space for some experimentalism with electronic elements. A soft instrumentalism that takes everything to the next level in the capacity to re-invent a song from start to end. It never sounds less than magical, never boring, always dreamy, always intense and ever-feeling. Their debut album Light Along the Waves would be on our Best Albums of the Year list, if we had done one. 

RUMOURS – Lights Down

London-based RUMOURS have been highlighted by us a pair of years ago (here) and might continue to be on years to come. Lights Down was one of those songs we secretly listened to compulsively through the year. Sensual and serious, electronic infused with spectacular but gentle bass bits, this is a great song that founds in the duet vocals a powerful experience, any time. Lights Down is a song to listen to many many times. Consecutively.

Matt Ryder – Hours

16 years of age and the capacity to make us wonder how. Matt Ryder is still only a kid. But the quality of his music is undeniable. One of those cases where a few seconds in, you already know he is going to be huge. And contrary to most of those young hypes, he sounds as indie as it gets. Hours is one of the songs that introduces Matt to the world with his debut EP 50FT. It sounds both Tom Misch and Yellow Days, but pretends to be none but his own thing. Subject to every single listener interpretation in meaning – main intention of the creator – , Hours is for us a catchy song about reflection, realizing honest feelings, and letting time pass through our mind in order to understand what we really want. Musically is very smart and catchy. And very original too.

Isabelle Young  feat. The Grand Mess – Where the Birds Go

Arranged, recorded and produced over the course of one night, Where the Birds Go is a song built over the incredible vocal power of Isabelle Young. The track is modern songwriting at its best, filled with sentiment and delicate details and gentle variations that feel only natural even though unpredictable. It is a song about letting yourself go, and letting the world show you the way. And coincidently to its meaning, that is also the only think every single one of us should do while listening to it. This is a track that will take you to unexpectedly beautiful places.

KYOTI – The Light

The Light is another song that feels about Christmas, but that ultimately just focuses on some of the holliday related feelings. “A song for the cold, winter months” they say, and we agree. Gorgeously written and both vocally and instrumentally engaging, This is a track that showcases the rare capacity of surprising through words and composition. A modern masterpiece if you want. Inspired by the singer struggles with depression during the festive season, it is also a song about hope and positivity. This is the 6th and last 2019 release from the London-based KYOTI, and we highly recommend you to listen to every single one of them.

The Bergamot – Remember This December

We’ve written several times about The Bergamot this year (here, here, and here), and the reason is quite simple: great music speaks always louder than anything else. And speaks naturally too. Remember This December could be interpreted as a Christmas song, but it’s not only that. It is a song about being honest and about surviving difficulties with positive feelings and honest words about each other. It’s about love, about love for music and for each other. And it’s a gorgeous song to which only non-human-beings will resist to.