Desi Valentine – Shades Of Love

Desi Valentine released his debut album a couple of days ago, and Shades Of Love is a melody to love.

By this time, Desi Valentine does not need any introductions. The London-born, LA-based singer evolved from his indie-rock roots to a soul-ish without many pretensions and not wanting to be “just one more black guy singing Soul”. Inspired by Adele’s 21 and his re-connection with artists like Otis Redding, Ella Fitsgerald, Bob Marley or Sam Cooke, he found his sound.

Since the release of Asylum back in 2016, Desi released a number of singles including Same Soul featuring our hero Lauren Ruth Ward and worked with artists such as Leona Lewis and Elton John. All of it inspired him into recently releasing his debut album – Shades of Love.

“There are many heart shapes and shades of love” is what we listen repeatedly in the very catchy single that also names the album – Shades of Love. Indie pop meets soul, what really distinguishes Desi Valentine is the unique vocal tone and the capacity to sound relevant and fresh. The track that was written by himself and Rune Westberg originally as a stalker song quickly evolved into a deep and honest song about being vulnerable to love. It also sounds like the embodiment of the vulnerability, with the silky vocals being encompassed by a gentle guitar and everything revolving around the lyrics and the melodies.

Shades Of Love played live at NY Sofar Sounds also illustrates how Desi can transport the recording voice to a live show, making it a double killer.

The full debut album can already be heard on Spotify (embed below).

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