Shepherd Bones – Love Me

Shepherd Bones writes and perform songs that merge classic indie folk with a modern melancholy.

shepherd bones new secret

Shepherd Bones is the musical alter ego of David Mourato. A multi-instrumentalist from Portugal whose way of building songs has a strong basis on an atmospheric instrumental vibe. 

Last month he released Love Me, and this was the song that brought him to our radar. Sounding like a classic slow song, this is a very honest and emotional track that truly fascinates us as listeners. Described by himself as “the gratitude of love expressed and explored with a nostalgic feeling as an eternal and unique personal wish”, it really does sound nostalgic. But also sounds ethereal, and very present at the same time. It takes the best from the classics like Roy Orbinson, with a magical sporadic piano; and builds everything up with a gorgeous guitar flow that even though constant, can sound surprising in its slow melodic evolution.  

Smart and tender, Love Me, encapsulates Shepherd Bones’ sonorous style perfectly. If you love it you should check is first and second EP entitled Unique Similar Reasons and Bones. Both released in 2019 (wow). We incorporate those bellow for the ones like us that can resist his vibe.

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