Jenny Kern – Satellite

Satellite is yet another Jenny Kern song capable of making us revolve around her.

Photo by Catarina Lopes
jenny kern valsa catarina lopes

Remember Jenny Kern? If her first single and first EP were already hard to forget since she was in Lisbon back in May that our love for her grew out of proportions. And just to put that in a video let’s remind you below a bit of the beyond gorgeous things she did while she was here:

For all those reasons she had not an easy task following all that up. But to be completely honest, the first time we heard Satellite – Jenny Kern’s newest single – the song was still a lot striped down but we could see where it was going. There is a natural intensity, that slow-burning capacity in Jenny’s music writing, and while Satellite is the most commercial song she wrote yet, it still keeps that genuine and intrinsic vibe. With Satellite, we feel both engaged, lullabied but also a bit on the edge and almost enticed to dance along. The simplicity is still there, together with the lyrical intensity and the vocal hooks. But the layers on the track are sounding both modern and fresh giving it that little extra that makes it stand out commercially. In a very good way. And that is new coming from Jenny.

Satellite is also a very catchy song that will grow on you as the play count grows. And oh Jenny how we like that kind of songs…

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