BIRTHH – Yello/Concrete

In need for an inexplicably welcoming breeze?

birthh yello/concrete

BIRTHH (a.k.a. Alice Bisi) debut album Born in the Woods gave this Italian indie singer-songwriter immediate traction inside the indie world. No wonder why, the natural melodic feel her vocals transmit and the way each song sounds perfectly lullabied and worked around every edge, sounds like everything is a gorgeous breeze that slides through our ears.

Since the release of the album that the indie community was waiting for her return. This was marked earlier this year with the release of Supermarkets – a track that is a gentle reminder of our own limitations. And now with what is for us her best ever release, the incredible Yello/Concrete.

Encompassed by her usually-gorgeous vocals, sort-of rapping sort-of singing, hard-to-describe-but-very-easy-to-feel, Yello/Concrete is a song about human feelings of staying grounded and living in a world that is very hard to predict. Never really repeating itself has it goes about, this is a track that provides every listener with a surprise around the corner even though it maintains its gentle sonority from start to end. Evolving from a sort of hip hop intro to a soft indie rock flow, to eventually feature just a simple piano and some almost a Cappella vocals. Composed in 14-straight-hours, this is one of those inexplicably good songs that we will definitely put on the repeat mode.  

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