[PREMIERE] Junno – Pebble

Pebble is an indie pop gem about modern relationships that keeps on giving the more you listen to it.

Junno is the alter ego of Marta Falcão. The Lisbon-based singer-songwriter’s passion for singing has been nurtured since a very young age. Junno project started around 2013 when she started composing music and her own lyrics. Junno is also the product of working with two very talented Portuguese young musicians and producers – Miguel Laureano (from Sease) and Ricardo Nagy (from Vaarwell). 

We have fallen in love with Junno with her first single. The gorgeous indietronic and ambiance-inspired Middle where her vocals could captivate the most insensitive listener on earth.

Pebble is released today and is an advance of her debut EP (to be released at the beginning of 2020). She says this is a song about the inconsistencies of personal relationships nowadays and how hard it is for people to be satisfied with one another. The highly instrumental character of the track (so well produced with layers that are never predictable) is one of its highlights. Just listen to the drum hooks that sound like the song is about to fire in a lot of directions but keep it contained most of those times. But also, and mainly, of course, Marta’s vocals which seem to emanate a welcoming resemblance with acts such as Aimee Mann and Imogen Heap. Super melodic and alternating a sort of false restraint with a splendid melodic reach. 

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