[PREMIERE] Inder Paul Sandhu – Letter To Self

Letter To Self is Inder Paul Sandhu's recipe for self-love that makes us love him unconditionally.

Inder Paul Sandhu Letter To Self Premiere

It’s our great pleasure to introduce Inder Paul Sandhu. He is a songwriter, vocalist, rapper and fashion designer from East London. He merges soul, rap and indie rock into one single formula, that never really sounds like a single formula, but rather several distinct perfect combos.

Some might have previously heard about him concerning his debut single Money Ain’t A Thing (2017) or his debut EP Bloom (2018). But very few have heard him as he sounds in his newest record. Letter To Self is the first advance of the new type of sound, that culminates with the release of his second EP entitled The Colindale Tape (January 16th, 2020).

How many of us think about everything else, instead of how we feel and what we need? That’s what Letter To Self advocates as a doctrine. About being capable to see the bad days and not assuming a bad life out of it. It’s Inder’s way of saying the famous “enjoy life” message. It is ultimately a song about self-love. About not trying to fit others’ imaginary boxes, and thinking a bit more about ourselves. About who is fitting us in their imaginary boxes.

For us is also a gorgeous indie rock meets soul track. That resonates among the best ones of modern indie music. Filled with melodic hooks, a simple but very effective guitar, some classic-juicy drums, and a natural evolution, like a proper modern lullaby. Letter To Self is a song to sing along from the first listen on. And a song to love secretly, until it turns very well known.

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