Natty Paynter – Waste Of Time

Natty Paynter debut single is filled with an indescribable power.

The first-ever (official) single of Cardiff-based Natty Paynter is clearly not as the name suggests a waste of time. With a haunting atmosphere all around its sound, Waste Of Time sounds like a merge between pop, folk, and rock. One that is hard to decipher or to describe, but very easy to feel around all our senses.

Starting off with an unclear drum, soon the guitar and mainly vocal depth turns the song into one that we want to sing along. Must be one of the most genuine and hard to achieve results on starting a song. Natty achieves it clearly and the listener never really turns off from it. The song grows from start to end, keeping the vocal register, but multiplying the instrumental melodies into a cathartic experience. Waste Of Time is told to be about a boy and his fear, but generic enough for one to relate in many other ways. The song is unforgettably tied to Patty vocals, like a Lucy Rose or a Daughter song is. Vocals that sound both sensitive and incisive. Melodic but almost spoken word. Very hard to forget and explain but extremely easy to feel engaged and in love with.

More on Natty Paynter can be found in her socials. Follow her closely ’cause she is one that can easily get out of proportion (we hope she will):

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