Joe Kaplow – There Will Be a Time

There will always be time for songs like this one. This is Joe Kaplow heart-warming folk.

Joe Kaplow There Will Be a Time

You know when the music gets you by the chin, right?

Joe Kaplow effortless effort with There Will Be a Time, played without gimmicks (except the toilet) over a balcony (our preferred way of watching shows), is one of those songs. No matter how simple it actually is. No matter how its subtle variations are in fact maybe too subtle. What matters is how the song makes us feel. And this track emanates its essence without a doubt. True feelings. Joe Kaplow sounds like a magician in the way he composes feelings into a song. Just with his (super melodic) vocals and a gorgeous banjo, with bits of harmonica now and then. 

There Will Be a Time sounds like a song about partially leaving the one you love or facing the moment where you don’t feel ready to love. But ironically it sounds more like a full-hearted song than a heartbreak one. And that irony also perfectly illustrates love itself. At least we think so.

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