[PREMIERE] Evaya – Echoes

In need for a new indietronic contemplation for the soul? Meet EVAYA.

Photo by Gabriel Siams
EVAYA echoes premiere

EVAYA is the musical name for Beatriz Bronze, composer, and producer from Portugal, a new project focused on a strong vocal reach mixed with electronic layers and human concerns. 

Echoes is her debut single and enchants the listener by waves, and by levels. As much as you get into the track, the more you get how futuristic it sounds and how it can, in fact, be also a lot about the lyrics. Of course, the huge and almost contemplative vocal bridges help overcome the melancholy that still sounds so necessary. A positive melancholy we must say. A melancholy that is about the future. About how we can, in fact, elevate ourselves to overcome any affection.

It is a track “about remembering to breathe. About feeling that we have a body and that nothing can take us away from the capacity of being free, not even the fear”. It is also about the reincarnation of a new concept, about the concept of no boundaries. And we can definitely feel that in the song melodies too. Echoes is not for a minute dull, and even in some of its predictability, we can’t seem to find a clear pattern.  It keeps reincarnating itself into more than one song. It is a sequence of feelings, one that we can’t predict as only the great songs can achieve.

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