Mt. Joy – Rearrange Us

New music and a song to get lost in from WtMM favorites Mt. Joy.

Photo: Mac Kotas

Mt. Joy is back with new music. Dammit, I’ve missed them. A band we first wrote about in 2017 on the release of their second single (and who has since gone on to release a self-titled debut album to critical acclaim, headline their own tours, and attract a global fanbase), Mt. Joy’s new single Rearrange Us is a reminder of just how sweet this band can sound.

For a group labeled variously as alt-rock or modern folk in the vein of riffy  jambands, Mt. Joy is fundamentally soulful in equal measure. Songs like Sheep and Julia from their debut record draw directly from soul and R&B influences (during live performances of the latter track, the band often adds an tight interlude cover of Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine).

Rearrange Us is the first new music released since their debut album dropped in March 2018 and it sees Mt. Joy doubling down on those influences. It is a silky-smooth, groovy track held down by warm keyboards, soulful guitar riffs, and an earworm melody. There are builds and swells around the choruses, but it ultimately stays locked into its groove with a steady tempo and calm energy. You get lost in this song; it begins and ends and begins again with a similar drum break and, if put on repeat, you will vibe out as it plays a few times over before you notice.

Mt. Joy’s sophomore album is expected in 2020. Rearrange Us is a delicious teaser from a band that is relaxed, confident, in form, and continuing its surreal rise.

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