Marrius – Back to Strangers

Prepare to groove hard on this standout soulful electro-pop track.

Man, this track is so good. Opening with a warped synth riff that can only be described as *juicy,* Marrius’s new single Back to Strangers is a ridiculously infectious mash-up of synth-pop, R&B, electronic music, and strikingly soulful vocals. It officially drops tomorrow, October 11, but Marrius granted WtMM a sneak-peak.

Back to Strangers is an immediate and nearly-reflexive head-nodder; the track sways with a confident swagger and a deep, syncopated groove. And, also an edgy f*ck you quality as Marrius sings about toxic and destructive relationships with lines like “Let’s go back to strangers / ‘Cause I hate how well you know me.”

This is our introduction to Marrius, a West London singer/songwriter who traffics in-and-across multiple genres and styles, all with a decided soulful pop bent. We are definitely glad to meet him! Back to Strangers is the second pre-released track off an upcoming EP, Marrius’s second, due out November 8th. For those of you in London, you can hear him perform Back to Strangers and other cuts live in a headline show on 11/8 at the Waiting Room to celebrate the album release.

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