Marinho – I Give Up and It’s Ok

Marinho's new song is a gem. Another one.

Marinho I Give Up and It's Ok

Since Marinho’s first song, Ghost Notes, was out we’ve been fervorous fans of her. It’s in the naturality behind her performances and the way the lyrics are both human and entertaining that the core quality resides. But it’s also in the way she does not try to be anything other than herself, and everything sounds like a very distinct entity to all others we can recall in indie music.

I Give Up and It’s Ok is another clear statement on that. The song is inspired by a personal story of not being capable to go further climbing a volcano in the Azores, and not taking negativity from failure. The melodies are hard to resist. The story-telling flow is evident and comes inside the listener’s soul very easily. And the variation that happens around the middle of it, is pretty much genius. Flowy and melodic, surprising and envolving. Sounding human every time. The video is entertaining, funny at times (because all of us need to know how to have a laugh about our own self), and filled with epic dances and scenery.

In summary, a gem.

P.S. Marinho will be at the Super Bock em Stock festival next month. It’s the best opportunity you’ll get to see her live! 

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