Hayley Reardon – Everything Else

Everything Else is the perfect balance of folk with a modern voice.

To sound like a classic has a lot to say nowadays. You have to find the ideal balance between the old vibes and some modern twists and feels. Hayley Reardon seems to have found the perfect balance. Born in 1996 in Massachusetts, the American/folk vibes are very easy to spot but that does not mean they sound static or dated. Her folk nuances sound not only powerful – mainly because of an incisive vocal work – but fully engaging – the dreamy vibe that gets in, evidence, even more, the nurtured guitar flow.

Everything Else is the song that puts Hayley Reardon on our map. The sort of dark vibe that initiates the song is somehow kept the whole time but perfectly balanced by the storytelling side of it. And the vocals are so rich, melodic, deep, and unique. A bit like Tracy Chapman perhaps, also a bit like Sheryl Crow, but more lyrical, finding the deepness in the lyrics, and being more than capable of making words fly. And in the end, the track is also catchy. Just the necessary amount. What we need to get back to it without getting tired of it. Not even a bit.