Jordan Mackampa – What Am I

Warm vocals are the way to our heart and Jordan Mackampa has the warmest there is.

Photo by Josh Shinner
Jordan Mackampa

Ready to feel good? Jordan Mackampa builds on a Michael Kiwanuka meets Jacob Banks kind of sound. And with some incredible and super warm vocals achieves (another) utterly beautiful song with What Am I.

With a clear soul vibe and a complex simplicity that mixes guitar, drums, piano and some funky rock melodies, this a no-brainer that sounds familiar and warms the soul. The vocal capacity is outstanding, hard to describe as a fixed tone, but overly melodic, wavy and warm. What Am I is a song that tries to capture the feeling of the lostness of an entire generation. Produced by Dani Castelar, also responsible for some of Paolo Nutini hits, there is an easy to identify relation between both artists sonority.

What Am I is a modern take on Marvin Gaye’s classic ‘What’s Going On’, highlighting the state of the world right now, from multiple wars in different territories; how the earth is dying, to the border control problem & how it’s been dealt with. It’s a lot of ‘hopes and prayers’, changing of display pictures to blue, but all trickling down to a stop soon after, as it’s no longer in the forefront of the media.”

This is the second single released by Jordan Mackampa this year, after the also gorgeously vocally super engaging and funky Under.

For all the fans in Portugal (like myself) there are very good news with Jordan playing what is probably Lisbon finest and most unique festival – Super Rock em Stock – at the end of November (see bellow a gorgeous live version of What Am I).

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