[PREMIERE] kamaraum ft. Nana Lourdes – 1994

Welcome to 1994, where everything sounds like the perfect soundscape.

kamaraum nana lourdes premiere 1994

Thank God for the 90s’. And thank God for artists we are making modern songs with 90’s feelings so well incorporated that we can feel a welcoming melancholy of the past. kamaraum and Nana Lourdes are the latest duo to achieve a gorgeous piece of music that is both modern and classic. 1994 is the name of the song they release today, and an anthem of electronic music with abundant pop beats, RnB feels and a little bit of everything so well mixed that we feel in the presence of a new genre.

At first, gently sliding. And suddenly all over the place (in the nicest way possible), evolving but delicate, always with a melodic abundance and a bit of that hard to describe magic – 1994 has everything.

This is the third single from kamaraum. The Lisbon-based artist had released two other singles this year entitled Rhubard and Half Love, with both showcasing his electronic novelty. You can check him more in detail in the following links:

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Nana Lourdes is still an unknown artist, but her debut with 1994 might be the first step she needs into the indie world. And what a gorgeous first step it is. Find more about her on her Instagram page:

Nana Lourdes: Instagram