Miguel Dias – Break Down

Groovy guitars and easy to sing along, is there anything more we need?

Miguel Dias Break Down

Nice guitar vibes are what you first get from Miguel Dias debut Break Down. As the song proceeds, we feel a familiarity with some other very well known melodies that sound a mix of the new commercial and a funky vibe that makes us feel good and dance a bit. 

Coming from a guy that studied classical guitar from a young age, it is to expect an easy to catch guitar vibe, but here, the vocals also go hand-in-hand with the instrument. And the variations that are introduced sound at the same time 80’s and modern, and most of all very easy to listen and sing-along. Break Down is a great first single because it sounds not pretentious at all, but just a piece of nicely made music that sounds both good and singable. And that is becoming so rare nowadays…

We expect Miguel Dias to be a serious case of music in Portugal as the way he collaborates with professional musicians to do songs at his home studio is a rather welcoming state of spirit for a upcoming musician. Easy vibes, and sing-along melodies, seem to be his first serious step into the music world.

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