NOSOYO – Glitter

In need for some inside strength?

NOSOYO glitter

Looking for a Monday anthem? Glitter, the newest from the attention-rising NOSOYO, might be what you look for both in terms of confidence and overwhelming power.

The song stands for any possible characteristics that can be lived or express with love and pride – and is, most of all, a celebration to flawed human-beings we all are. Musically, Glitter is also a gorgeous effort that sounds perfect in line in terms of lyrical power and melodic feelings.  A bit like a Lauren Ruth Ward song, the female vocals sound with more range than any superhero, and the song is built around a very catchy chorus that won’t ever sound less than perfect. Play it as many times as you wish.

Glitter is the second song released by NOSOYO since their debut album Resonate and for us it is one that can put the Berlin duo even on more radars.

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