[PREMIERE] Luna K – Two Chord Song

Ready for a song performed with a deck of cards that sounds perfectly melodic?

Luna K Two Chord Song Premiere

They say songs are all about love. We say the best ones are about the madness around it. The smart but delicate details about it. The newest song by Luna K, Two Chord Song, is just like that. And just like love, it is also a lot magical, with percussions performed by a deck of cards.

The Spanish-based (but with a very very subtle accent that only sounds charming) Luna Keller love for the guitar is also briefly noticeable in the song. Together with the unusual percussions, they set the base for some very beautiful vocals, sounding both familiar and engaging but also incisive and sort of melancholically happy. The song that actually started with just two chords, got its name from the creative process. “And we can play this two-chord song” works as both a truth – as the song that sounds simple – and metaphoric – focusing on the simplicity of love.

Very very easy to listen to, and also quite catchy and current, Two Chord Song is a melodic no-brainer.

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