Aidan & the Wild – Dreamer

Looking for a song to soundtrack your dreams?

We had the pleasure to write about Aidan & the Wild before, but this might be one of those acts that still explodes in our faces. Aidan (a.k.a. Diederik van den Brandt) is very hard to ignore at first, but we might tend to not fully focus on him as much as we should. And if we take several listens to his songs, it eventually turns into a gentle obsession.

Dreamer, his latest song, captures once again the project essence. Opener of the newest EP entitled Homegrown (about to be released) and totally played, recorded and produced by himself, this is song-making in it’s excellence.

Dreamer is a song about love, that is obvious from the song’s lyrics. But what truly hits us about it, is the way it sounds so rich using almost only guitas and vocals. So naturally flowing, but still evolutionary, never stationary, and always captivating. “I’m the luckiest man you’ll ever see” it sticks into your head doesn’t it? 

Indie folk (with bits of Americana) perfection.

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