[PREMIERE] Grace Gaustad – F.L.Y

Grace Gaustad's F.L.Y. is a vocally-unbelievable pop stunner.

Even we, lovers of indie songs, lovers of everything that is not commercial, can’t resist certain songs. Grace Gaustad vocal power and capacity to make melodies that stick to our heads, turns her into one of the young commercial-like talents we can’t resist. In some way, at first, she resembles Miley Cyrus for us. Both in the tone and in the way she doesn’t seem to hesitate on pushing melodies out loud. But lyrically and melodically she sounds something else too. Something we can’t fully understand yet, but truly embrace.

We might be late to this train actually. Grace’s debut EP Human was out yesterday collecting a series of singles that have been out for a couple of months and which have been on a lot of peoples’ ears. It is in fact, an honor that we can premiere F.L.Y (Feel Like You) video here. Not only because for us F.L.Y is the song that really hooks us (personally) on her talent, but also because she is already an assured talent.

F.L.Y. is a song about being deceived on the people we admire. On a lot of our admiration being dictated by how much money and power someone we see as a hero actually has. About how much of a hero actually can be a villain, and not necessarily someone we would really identify with.

“Often the people we idolize and fantasize about being are shallow individuals. In a society where money, power, and fame dictate who is validated, it is easy to lose sight of who you are deep down and even harder to admit that heroes can sometimes be the villain. So, ask yourself, Is it worth it? “

But F.L.Y. is also much more than that for us. Starting off with the huge vocals on it and so easily progressing to the very impossible to resist nuances of the tone. Grace’s melodies in the track are an instant catch. One that will never truly goes away once you listen to it the first time. The simple guitar elements never sound less than perfect. The ideal vehicle for the message, the perfect tailor for the vocal emergence. And even the way the song sounds circular, without ever sounds dull or less exciting, but rather increasingly powerful and overwhelming. And when the vocal layers grow on top of each other, there is no turning back. This. Is. The. Perfect. Pop. Song.

We can say that Grace’s admiration for Lady Gaga – “My entire musical catalog and current EP would simply not exist without Lady Gaga. I have admired her since I was a little girl and continue to study her work and expertise every day.” – is now very much felt in her own songs. And it’s probably a matter of time until Gaga acknowledge herself.