[NWNA] Golden Vessel – SLOWSHINE

Filled with talented collaborations and driven by a super melodic indietronic novelty. This is Golden Vessel debut masterpiece.

Golden Vessel New Week New Album

We’ve been running out of superlatives to characterize Golden Vessel rise to the crown in the indietronic world. Every single song he releases or cooperates in presents the ideal amount of novelty, power and distinctive feel.

MOONSTONE starts off SLOWSHINE. The debut album from Golden Vessel. We have posted about him several times, including him in our special 2018 list of Great Songs that Got Away and also as one of SXSW highlights. And soon you listen to two tracks by him you’ll understand why…

MOONSTONE is a song in cooperation with Elkkle and Akurei, and a solid and overwhelming indietronic song. The sort-of-sensible and almost spoken-word vocals are always perfectly balanced into the electronic elements and the subtle variations are from a genius producer.

ORANGESMOKEFLARE is more Jamie XX like but still represents a strong step towards what can be described as the Golden Vessel reign. The vocal production must be complex for sure as there are not huge tones and reaches but he always finds a way of making them sound supernatural.

Than in songs like BIGBRIGHT he also showcases what makes him the greatest promise of indietronic. A producer that finds a way of incorporating in the same track talents like Elkkle, E^ST and DUCKWRTH without ever feeling like any of them is having their own space invaded and still making the song stand out above all the intervenients. And his distinctive sonority too. That must not be easy. He does it effortlessly. At least, it sounds effortless. This is a track that overcomes that recent amount of noise of songs trying to replicate Drake’s type of flow without sounding more than imitation. This sounds inspired by that type of sonority. But also sounds unique, fresh, emerging and above all contagious.

HIGHWAY is the second song where Golden Vessel collaborates with Emerson Leif after the no-brainer Hesitate. This one is less addictive or at least it sounds more contained. However, the more you listen to it the more you feel in love with it. Sensibility and good taste with bits of indietroni dust. A romantic electronic song that feels coming from the soul. A little bit of magic.

Sounding like a continuation of the previous song, TONIGHT is sort-of the continuation of the romance. Featuring Cult Shotta, this is more indie-pop than the previous one but also makes its way experimenting with some other samples and with hip hop elements. Sounding like a mix between HONNE and Post Malone and (once again) Drake, it summarizes how clean (but elaborate) and melodic a Golden Vessel production can sound like.

Incorporating Woodes into a song might seem too ambitious, but once again, PORTRAIT is clearly novel in the way it mixes great vocals with electronic elements. The track sounds simple most of the time and a bit more atmospheric than most other tracks. But if you give it space it will emerge easily.

SNOWCOLD features Lonelyspeck synthesized vocals and emerges as a RnB meets electronic track. The drum base soon sounds very characteristic in the song, and the slow evolution is also a gentle progression into a very melodic ambiance. 

The final three songs of SLOWSHINE are three perfect demonstrations of how simple progressions can bring a song up the beat. Featuring Oscar Key Sung, (again) Lonelyspeck, Akurei and Elkkle, DIZZY is vocally dominant but still experimental, TENNOJI is more hip-hop based, and WHITELITSKIES almost folk-based in the way the vocals sound but soul-based in the way the instrumental beat feels. All together, once again, showcase the magical variations of Golden Vessel. And the way we feel his mark on a beautifully melodic, ambiance, but fully electronic album.

Here we go, once again. From start to end. We will always feel in owe of this: