[SGA] Songs That Got Away 2019

The first part of 2019 has been so kind we couldn't get loose of some very surprising songs. This is a rendition to them:

Tal Wilkenfeld – Under the Sun

Proper song for the Summer heat and the Summer blues is Tal Wilkenfeld’s Under The Sun. US-original and Australian-based, the mix of cultures certainly fit perfectly in her sound. Tal Wilkenfeld is now hardly a new name in the indie world, but one that keeps giving and giving. Collaborating with artists such as Ryan Adams, Sting and The Who will take you to another place of course, but ultimately is all about your own quality. Under The Sun is the perfect representation of Tal Wilkenfeld capability of merging soft bits of pop with folk and bits of rock. There is even space for some cultural (indian) sounds and guitar solos in the back, while everything keeps sounding beautiful, tidy, and ever dazzling.

Elder Island – Kape Fear

There are songs one keeps listening for a lot of time until it acknowledges how great they are. Kape Fear is our Elder Island favorite in a year where the Bristol-based band released their debut album entitled The Omnitone Collection. Be it in the marvelous vocals that are a mix of an indie sonority with some very relatable past sonorities or in the almost experimental guitar-electronic flow. Kape Fear is and RnB-inspired song and a very addictive song that will soon turn into a favorite if you let it. It is very well built very smart, very engaging, circular but sounding challenging. And will get you dancing too.

fountains – The Border

Caleb Shwing is a veteran touring musician-songwriter (wrote and produced for LeAnn Rimes, Matt Corby, Seramic, etc.) who decided to put some of his personal feelings into a gorgeous new project entitled fountains. The Border was the way we first had a listen to his super melodic and very-felt music composition. The single is also part of his debut EP Bluebird counting with another fifth song released this year. The Border builds on the sonority of Ryan Adams and Matt Corby for sure, but is also a very personal song and that is evident in the amount of personal depth the song transmits. Gorgeous story-telling vocals, beautiful reach in the chorus, and an ever-growing instrumental capacity which evolve the listener and contribute to a very fulfilling listening experience.

Chloe Castro – Drunk

Almost sounding Ska, and mixing in Pop and bits of Hip Hop, Soul and R&B, her name is Chloe Castro. This UK-based street natured performer (who also appeared on The Voice UK) released two good songs two years ago, but her 2019 debut entitled Drunk is for us a highlight. Apparently a song that fits perfectly in today’s radio, Drunk is also a surprise in the way it manages to grow from start to end. And that capacity of re-inventing al melody and making it sound more and more powerful is a very rare thing nowadays. Oh, and the vocals are from another world too. Which helps, of course.

Medicine Man Revival – Work It Out

Keite Young and Jason Burt are together the Medicine Man Revival. This Dallas-based duo builds songs they describe as being future Soul. Work It Out is our favorite illustration of that. Is also an illustration of how music can bring up the energy of any human being. The third-ever single from the duo is a five-minute song that will keep on giving no matter how many times you play it. As the song varies and re-invents itself, the last-minute drops the flow into a mysterious and gentle breeze. With back vocals sounding as soul as possible, this is genre-bending energetic masterpiece.

Caiine – More Than Emotion

Probably the best vocals that were kept secret all these months (we have our bit of fault) are the ones from Caiine. Inspired by the likes of great ones like Nina Simone, Tracy Chapman and Lauren Hill, this South Londoner who writes poetry before composing songs around them, is enchanting in the way she does melodies and sings directly to the heart. But is also enchanting in the way she builds her songs from inside and makes them great calming RnB meets pop sort of ballads. More Than Emotion is the perfect illustration of those feelings and melodies put into a song. Always sounding contained, but at the same time so filled with everything. Very cleaver, very engaging, leaving us breathless in the end.

Yun Sen – All I Have

Producing their songs around London caves, Yun Sen might be the most powerful song you will hear all summer long. All I Have is the perfect indietronic composition that allies hypnotic deep vocals (but super melodic ones) with electronic hooks and oriental bits. Making everything sound born together, like one. One beautiful, breathable piece of music. An exceptional effort which the only fault is not running forever. All I Have was their fourth-ever single and “a spiritual journey from the dark to the bright”. We never mention PR sentences ever, unless they feel the biggest truth on earth. And this one surely does.

Parachute Words – It’s Quiet

In the midst of it all, there are songs built for the mind and soul. Songs that only turn the greatest songs of all time if we give them time to fulfill us and our awakened dreams. Parachute Words’ It’s Quiet is a marvelous indie folk song with some bits of rock and a lot of well-being inside it. More complex than what it sounds at first this is how to write and produce a great song. Bringing back those Simon and Garfunkel vibes but putting in some abundant modern bits. It’s Quiet it’s a quiet song that makes a lot of noise.

Chelsea Effect – Minefield

Remember those beautiful songs that Chvrches wrote and sung in the early beginning of their career? The way they combined pop with electronics and sounded encouraging but palpable? Chelsea Effect track Minefield is an odd to those songs. Probably not intentionally, but for us it reminds everything that should have not been lost about Chvrches. A song that deserves a lot of attention because of the way it is produced, its gorgeous lyrics, and the passion in the vocals. But mostly because it’s a brilliant 80’s feeling indie-pop wonder. (and if you enjoy it, get yourself a dive in their debut album. You’re welcome).

XamVolo – In Love & War

The most recent song of the pack, In Love & War is not just another RnB meets Soul meets electronic that we love so much. Is also a very clear demonstration of how an artist such as XamVolo can redefine contemporary RnB with a lot of good taste, genius production and even Jazzy inspirations. In the same line as Jacob Banks very catchy and powerful tracks, this is a very ambitious single that should get a lot of radio airplay in the next months. That, or the music world is going mad. 

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