[PREMIERE] Beg Friend – For the Win

Dreamy and electric-folk, Beg Friend debut is all we need to breathe and dream.

Joe da Costa musical alter-ego goes by the name of Beg Friend. The multi-instrumentalist started composing his songs about 6 years ago and he is finally bringing the goods into the indie world. The debut single is entitled For the Win and marks the first advance of his debut EP Makeshift (coming out around 2020).

The track is inspired by a doomed relationship or by the process of acknowledging through music that his past relationship was not going well. That eventually forced him to exchange London by the English Coast and truly focus on music. Because of that For the Win is a song filled with a double meaning but that ecoes in the meaning of true feeling: “In a way the art often pre-empties the actual emotion or event for me”.

For The Win also demonstrates Beg Friend’s electronic-folk base and multiple layers that sound both dreamy and story-telling, heavily inspired in the poetic lyrics and constant vocals. It sounds like a journey, a journey into someones state of mind. But also in a more vague way, it can sound spectral and gorgeous ambiance. Cinematic for sure, and also deeply pop.

For us, it sounds like a gorgeous dream. One that in its essence is a realization of something negative. But like any realization, is something beautiful, clear and freeing.

Beg Friend will be performing live on 6th August @ Green Note, Camden London. For any Londoners out there, be sure not to miss him!

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