Millie Turner – Swimming Pool

How to not fall in love with Millie Turner?

Photo by Netti Hurley
Millie Turner New Secret Swimming Pool

This week we’ve been posting a lot of pop stunners. Talking about pop stunners Millie Turner’s newest track Swimming Pool is certainly another one. But not just another one.

The track is based on a poem she wrote about finding a safe spot in the midst of rebellion. With a gorgeous clip illustrating it, the song captivates by the power and natural way she combines her sensible vocals with a pop-electronic ambiance. The chorus is a must-have (or a must-hear) and everything about the track sounds a bit on the magical side of things. Dance or think about it. Whatever the way you feel yourself embraced by it. There is only one feeling. Swimming Pool is gorgeous all the way.

This year Millie release two other singles.  She Was a Dancer was the first one to come out and is an indie-pop meets rock song which emerges itself on sort of tribal elements in the back. Night Running works is midway to Swimming Pool in terms of indietronic power and electronic charge. With also super engaging vocals and catchy bits and flows.

Millie Turner released her debut EP – Eyes On You – last year. A record where she first showcased her gorgeous vocals, but which was perhaps instrumentally simplified or at least less overwhelming – but still all the way recommendable and engaging – than her newest songs.

7 songs in more or less two years and she finally released her first-ever video-clip. Doing it on her strongest single yet. Oh girl…how not to fall in love with you already?