Charlotte Lawrence – Why Do You Love Me

Tasteful and catchy, Why Do You Love Me is a modern pop banger.

Charlotte Lawrence Why Do You Love Me

Beautiful pop always has its place in our hearts. What Charlotte Lawrence did with her newest Why Do You Love Me is perfect and beautiful pop.

Equal doses of melodic and catchy, current but with an edge, this is to listen many many consecutive times. It’s in the use of the vocal modifications that are tasteful and not exaggerated, the way the vocals keep engaging with the listener the whole time, and the fact that the song does effortlessly sticks into one’s head. With the right cadence always the time, just like a beautiful rollercoaster of melodies.

Produced by the likes of Andrew Watt, Louis Bell, and Charlie Puth, this sad song with uplifting rhythms is one to conquer the charts. Mark our words. And thank Charlotte for tasteful pop.

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