SEASE – Virgin

Get yourself together for SEASE newest, Virgin.

Photo by Pics of You
Sease Virgin

Perhaps getting to know the members of a band teaches us something about their music, perhaps that only makes it more challenging or more filled with distinct meanings. As we talked with Miguel and Rita from Portuguese indie band SEASE a couple of months ago, we’ve seen such simplicity in their eyes and voices that the most we listen to their songs, more captivated we feel by what’s going on in their brains.

Last week they released Virgin, and since then we’ve felt the need to stop and process everything about it. many times. 

Vocally enchanting while instrumentally dark, but by no mean less than banging and powerful. Virgin is a perfect demonstration of how indietronic rules the world. Super mysterious, challenging in a nice way, dreamy but also earthly, this is hard to resist and works both the mind and the body. And perhaps one of the most unique traces of SEASE music, a song you can hear multiple times and still find some new elements to feel haunted about.

We challenge you not to fall for this.

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