Sumera – Skin

"Brutally soft". This is Sumera, once again.

Photo by Bob Siers

Sumera is hardly a new phenomenon. Already focusing a lot of attention on herself, this Berlin-based who lived in Amsterdam, Lisbon, and London keeps sounding like a bomb on every single song she makes. Skin is the latest demonstration of that: vocally haunting, and instrumentally heavy but feeling powerful and super melodic, this is a song that will easily conquer your soul and feet.

Deeply vocal, and ever-varying and progressive, it is easily noticeable the steady increase in power throughout. Like a progressive conquering, it sounds ever emerging and overwhelming. Like a wave that projects us into outer space. A dreamy feeling maybe. But a very real one too. The electronic hooks are also responsible for that, with engaging and very-well filled beats. But most of all the vocals. Seem and sound from another world. This is Sumera Espinel vocal-mark.

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