Melissa Mary Ahern – Maria, Maria

Love is simple when the song is this good.

Melissa Mary Ahern Maria, Maria

Brooklyn based and having been featured by Sufjan Stevens, Melissa Mary Ahern should be known to the entire world very very soon. We are glad to listen to Maria, Maria, her latest single before she turns into a reference. It’s just a question of justice. Because Melissa Mary Ahern sounds like Feist, but less paced, more judgmental if we may, more Sufjan, more calm, more poetic.

Hardly a newcomer in what respects the indie music scene – she has been playing since 2011 – only now she is officially releasing her first songs. Maria, Maria is a song about connecting with a woman named Maria, and a love song above everything else. Raw-gorgeous vocals, taking its time in every single note, and accompanied by the most simple drum-guitar flow, everything sounds simple, but everything sounds gorgeous and rich in terms meaning. Reminding us that great music many times resides in simplicity and intensity. And yes, the guitar also “sings” along beautifuly.

About to release her first songs (all self-produced) we recommend following her on Instagram, but also on these other networks: