The Bergamot – L.A.

The Bergamot wrote a song about leaving L.A. which speaks louder than love.

The Bergamot L.A

L.A. is a song about leaving a city behind. The Bergamot are back with a song that is impossible to be indifferent too. A song that is somehow about Los Angeles being the place of dreams, or the place where dreams are left behind.

In some kind of way. The Bergamot seem to have found the magic formula. In L.A. the vocal duet is again flawless, both in the amount of melody and the harmonies between the two vocals.  But L.A. is a gorgeous track also because of the way the guitar bits are merged into it. The surprising ways each variation in the song is, in fact, different, but nonetheless ever engaging and contributing for a hard-to-deduce track. And very satisfying track, which variations sound to us like a guarantee of countless plays until the listener feels he is hearing just one song (and how rare is that?).

In terms of meaning, and making sense out of the lyrics, L.A. is a song about the very distinct feeling of having to leave a city behind, be it for following your dream or abandoning your current ones in search of other ones. “What comes after the dreams silently slip away?”. But also a song with multiple meanings which leaves to the listener its core meaning.

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