[TGIF] How Summer Starts

Eight songs, eight wonders. Summer is here to warm us up inside.

TGIF How Summer Starts

After some very needed vacations intercalated by a lot of other things we like to call our first ever festival ūüôā we are back with what we feel was a very needed compilation. We might have not written about a lot of songs in the last two weeks, but that does not mean we have not listened to a lot of new songs. And some of them, not only feel like fresh, meaningful and firm steps into the new indie territory but also like a breath of summer air. So, this must be how the Summer starts. With a bunch of new and¬†genius¬†songs:

BERG – What If

A proper debut indenpent single, that’s what What If is. BERG is a duo from Sweeden composed by¬†Alexandra Bergl√∂f and Faris Badwan that do indie rock inspired by dream pop vibes and a lot of tasteful elements filled with abundant sonority. This is a song that will fill any room, be it the room of melancholy or a room needing some uplift. A song that talks (sings) about difficulties and going through hard episodes, but that because of the punches of melody also sounds like a gentle dream.

Tully John & Liza-Jane – Embers

Trust us. When someone tells you that their songs are inspired by Damien Rice, Ben Howard and Bon Iver, yes these precise three, just stop and listen to them. Give them a proper listen. That’s how Tully John and Liza Jane first got us to listen to their song Embers. Growing step by step. With his vocals similar to Ben Howard’s vocals, and with the guitar sounding simple but deep. Embers find itself just about the end of the¬†first minute. The vocal duo is the perfect fit. Never sounds dull, or boring or less than engaging and honest and gorgeous. With all the references being sad, all three of them would be proud of a song like this one. And the variations just keep us hooked all the way to the very end.

Greta Stanley – Follow Suit

Also infused with deep guitar riffs that seem to float when placed side-by-side with the vocals is Follow Suit. The latest song by Greta Stanley. Her vocals do much of it really, just because of the way they are ever surprising and never quite keeping the same tone or the same melody but always sounding¬†magical. The track talks about wanting to feel more but never really knowing how to achieve it. About doing things we don’t really want to do keep doing. A gorgeous indie rock meets indie pop song that pushes us into wanting to hear her upcoming EP¬†Sun In My Eyes.

Uni The Fly Pilot – Wav

“Uni The Fly Pilot is a manifestation of what the mind can conjure up through the lens of bedroom R&B”. Sure sounding low-fi, it also sounds rich vocally and super creative and addictive. Wav¬†is the latest song from this LA songstress and one that finds in the piano moments intercalated with obvious electronic roots its perfect identity. A song that we are expecting to be remixed too many times but that won’t ever sound as perfect as it is right now. Honest, catchy, melodiously a masterpiece.¬†

Redwood – March

Marlon Sinnaeve created Redwood a Belgic-based project focused on making a very unique and diverse indie sound. And by all means, March is an example of that indie experience. First strange, then feeling addictive, overwhelming, poetic. Sometimes feeling Moby-like, others almost Foals, and others completely unrelated to everything we have listened before. Folk, electronic, rock, probably impossible to frame. Part of an EP entitled Metaxy, this is one of the most engaging and surprising songs we’ve listened all year. So good we might very well be talking about the whole EP () very soon.

Ellie M – Losing My Mind

And if we talk about surprising songs, what can we say about Ellie M? Losing My Mind came into our ears three weeks ago, and since then we couldn’t quite cope with any other song in the same way. This is one of those releases we know no one will stay indifferent. Just like Amy Winehouse and Adele, and their first singles, Losing My Mind is the perfect combination of old melodic swing, gorgeous and familiar instrument elements, and some out of this world vocals that make us feel small. A debut single that should be playing on every single corner of the world and turn Ellie M into a musical phenomenon.¬†

Abby Bella May – Care

Taking a clearer step into indie pop but supporting it with electronic elements is Abby Bella May. She released Care about two weeks ago, and this song that talks about loving unconditionally, easily turned into a private obsession. Much of that might have to do with the way her vocals combine tenderness and sensual elements together. And much also has to do with the subtle ways the electronic elements are merged into the song in a way of we feel levitating every time we listen to it. 

Callum Pitt – Knocked The Wind Right Out Of Me

Last but not least, and coming from a more experienced singer-songwriter, comes Knocked The Wind Right Out Of Me, the latest song from our indie-favorite Callum Pitt. Inspired by War On Drugs sonority and surely building a remarkable indie-folk sonority this is a great advance for his newest EP. Ever engaging, inviting the mind and body to dance along, this is another show-starter by an virtuous composer that simply does not know how to make bad songs.

Enjoy your week!
WtMM team