[PREMIERE] Naked Next Door – Where Do I Go

Where Do I Go is a rare modern example of pop-rock beauty.

Rock and pop were always meant to be merged together. But there are not many bands doing it just right. Naked Next Door do it better than almost every body. And that is so very noticeable in their new song Where Do I Go.

The four-piece band has once again built a track that can sound epic both vocally and instrumentally, and that still sounds perfect aligned. The vocals are sometimes very indie and others borderline commercial and seem to be in that dichotomy that the magic lies. 

Where Do I Go is a very easy song to sing along, that effortlessly merges the distinctive and epic vocal melodies with gorgeous guitar-drum bases and that still focus their attention on the strong lyrics. Explosive, engaging and all-the-way head banging. 

This is is the follower of Fade and Tired Eyes two songs that showcased both the sensitive and rocker sides of the band. At the third single, we could easily say that 90’s bands like the Matchbox Twenty or Live would be very very proud of this. Still, and probably the greatest achieving for these guys, is how their songs while nostalgic and 90s relatable, are still sounding actual or modern and like a breath of fresh air.

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