Ghostly Kisses – Touch

Want to feel touched? Listen to this.

Ghostly Kisses Touch

Sometimes we don’t need many words to describe a song just because that song is so intense and heartfelt that everything feels a bit indescribable. That’s what happens with Ghostly Kisses latest single Touch.

Let’s just give some context. Margaux Sauvé is the singer behind Ghostly Kisses. A singer-songwriter and violinist from Quebec that began playing the violin when she was 5 years old but only many years later discovered her voice needed to be projected.  Writing and singing in solitude became her thing until eventually, she reached out. Ghostly Kisses released the debut EP What You See in 2017, following that with a second EP one year later – The City Holds My Heart. Touch is taken out of this EP, and with a gorgeous clip it also serves as antecipation for the third EP to be released this year.

But what to say about Touch? Ghostly Kisses vocals are from another world. The intensity and overwhelming amount of feelings transmitted are of rare beauty. The variations are soft but more complex than what they may sound, just because everything flows naturally, and sensible. There is a Massive Attack-like indietronic background that helps to build further up the overwhelming charge of the song. And helps one relate even more. But it’s always in her vocals that most is said and felt. Perfection and romantic.

P.S. Ghostly Kisses are one of the first confirmed names for Super Bock em Stock festival happening next November in Lisbon. So for all you Portuguese readers, be there!!!