Nightcars – The Call

Nightcars are back with another exceptional mix of rock, rhythm and melancholy.

This is a band formed in Madrid, Spain, but their story starts a decade before, back in Venezuela. Nightcars was formed in 2016 by three good fellows who met each other in their home-country but was in Madrid when they decided to start playing original songs together. In that same year, and after few attempts on home recording, the band released the debut EP called Extended Playt accompanied with No Country For Young Men, a 5-piece record accompanied with a “short-movie” (a videoclip for all of the songs). We did noticed on them back then, when we said they combine well-known indie-rock and indietronic ingredients into quality modern songs”.

The band has recently released a new single, fortifying their style and genre: Nightcars sound exactly like before, and that’s just what we wanted.

We don’t usually have the fortune to listen to brand new Spanish bands or artists, but we know that nuestros hermanos have plenty of talent and brand-new bands like Nightcars are appearing and growing like mushrooms. The truth is that after listening to Nightcars’ new single The Call we just want more and more! We said that they sound just like before, but they might sound even better now: the rhythm is more unpredictable and futuristic, even though they keep following the 80’s and 90’s tendency and the whole melody fits perfectly in the lined rhythm and spaced harmonies. The band define their genre as “City Sound” and it makes plenty of sense when you listen to The Call, as it is electrifying, energetic but as well melancholic, baffling… Just like a walk on a metropolis. Should Madrid sound like this?

The melancholy noticed in the vocals and deepness of the instrumental, using a sax solo reminding the old suburbs, also transmits the intention of the lyrics: the act of saying “I’m here!” but then being able to act shy, being yourself, being your vulnerable self. This is a song about the fear of failing at something simple, being able to do it, knowing you are, but still creating barriers for yourself. It’s about the self contradiction. The duel with ourselves. 

If only every fear we had, sounded as clean and gorgeous as this sounds…

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