Trevor Ransom – The Lake Froze Over…

The newest song from Trevor Ransom sounds like rendition.

It has been more than two years but we’ve never forgotten Trevor Ransom debut with Isabel Street. For us, Trevor Ransom indietronic melodies were capable of lifting up everything. A couple of years later we surrender to The Lake Froze Over… Another indietronic ambiance perfection.

Trevor Ransom has come a long way since two years ago. Leading up to to the release of his debut album, The Lake Froze Over.. is the second single from the record. With some enchanting choir-based vocals, filled with a beyond gorgeous piano, and capable of making the listener image a whole movie inside his/her head. This is exactly how great composers sound like.

Layers upon layers of instrumental simplicity, it’s in fact in Trevor Ransom vocals that we find the main rendition of the track. Always sounding deep but with such a lightness in them. Everything sounds taken out of a dream. A gorgeous dream. And the way the song evolves, gently, step-by-step, emotional, surprising, delicate and so tasteful. This is a track to conquer all the senses.

We recommend you seriously let yourself go with this.

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