Lucy Booth – Butterfly

The new generation of artists is best known for defy-genre and the whole art -game is changing. Here's another powerful example of that.

The new generation of artists, and in particular the musicians, are changing completely the game. The fact is that the globalization and the easy information we receive everyday coming from every part of the world is influencing the young artists and transforming their style and genres. Some examples are Billie Eilish, Lorde or Post Malone. But today we are here presenting the newest and hottest singer-songwriter Lucy Booth, who is following that same tendency.

The recently graduated girl decided to become a solo artist last year and about a week ago she launched her debut single, the lead one from her upcoming EP, Melancholy Blue, which will be out this summer. Butterfly is an angelic song, with an almost medieval melody performed with modern instruments and sonorities. The combination is as gorgeous as it can be, and Lucy’s ethereal voice gives it a dreamy fantastic mood.

The beauty of it all resides in its classical naïve melody and timbre, combined with modern and mature composition and instrumental arrangement. This is the defy-genre we were talking about in the beginning: the new generation is much more complex than we could imagine.

Booth built her song around melancholic melodies and almost danceable and bodied electronic instrumentals. The unexpected mix is in fact so fresh and colorful it puts a smile upon everyone’s face. “It’s ok to cry”, she sings, but the tears we may shed are from joy! May the 14th of June comes quickly to finally hear her full EP.

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