Dean Alamo – So Close To Me

Dean Alamo is here to bring us mixed feelings: their music is colorful and dark at the same time. to prove that, we present their newest video.

Between Neuchatel and London, a fresh and exciting project came to life by the hands of Lionel Nemeth with Felix Fivaz on drums and Jasmin Lotscher on the trombone. In the second half of last month of March, Dean Alamo launched their first EP and self-titled and now the opening track is having a whole different interpretation with a brand new videoclip.

Let’s start by talking a bit about the song: what could get us more hooked to a song than an indie-folk with a complex instrumental and an uplifting build-up? We believe nothing. And that’s how So Close To Me sounds like. The song starts very spacy and transcendental, entering Bon Iver’s universe, sounding a lot like S. Carey, Bruce Hornsby or even Volcano Choir, but So Close To Me evolves and switches the side as the singer joins the complex orchestral melody: the mixed influences doesn’t help defying a genre as it combines such diverse elements and sonorities. That complexity is actually the beauty of it all and makes it so easy for every single person to fall in love for it.

Then comes the build-up and it is the confirmation that repetition can be evolution. The whole song’s composition is a continuing build-up to finally abruptly end. Not only the instrumental repeats itself but the vocals and lyrics follow the same intent not falling into monotony. It is as gorgeous and uplifting as it can be.

The video itself is mysterious and shows us a different interpretation of the song. Starting with an old television seen by a kaleidoscope; the effect created by the fluorescent ink catches our attention. Actually, the whole video wants our eyes to be on the lights and colors. The song talks about being close to the other, but the video shows someone alone in the dark, illuminated by a bonfire, by the inked skin or a very-light. That notion of loneliness opposing to the song title is what captivates us the most. Also, the so colorful plans filmed on dark scenarios combine perfectly with the mystery of the song composition, unveiling the unknown and letting us enough space to imagine what’s beyond what we hear and see.