ELIS NOA – Good Boy

Your Tuesday is about to change with ELIS NOA newest indie-pop bomb.

Photo by Fabian Krempus
ELIS NOA New Secret Good Boy

It is getting harder and harder to do good pop music that sounds bot novel and not overly commercial. At least that’s what we have been feeling after listening to hundreds of songs every single day. But ELIS NOA newest song Good Boy was immediate. An indie-pop no-brainer. And we will try to explain why.

But first the presentations. ELIS NOA is a Vienna-based indie-pop band that like other projects like Marian Hill perfectly merge gorgeous vocals with strong indietronic hooks. Elisa Godino is the head and voice of the band, where Angel Vassilev (keys) and Aaron Hader (synth bass and saxophone) do the whole instrumental geniality. Live, the song grows with the incorporation of a drummer. Their debut EP High was released in 2017 and their second EP Love Letters being released last year. Only now they got our attention with one of the singles from the lattest EP (our bad).

Good Boy is the song that put them on our map. The video helps with some quirky dance moves perfectly merged with the song exciting flows. The chorus is almost immediate and one that stays in our head for all eternity (well, maybe not all, but pretty close). But the biggest thing in the track is the way the vocals are merged effortlessly (to the listener) with the deep electronic and constant electronic forces. There is no dull periods but there are some very well produced relaxation moments just to make the song gain strong momentums after strong momentums. Waves of quality.

Good Boy is one of four songs that are part of an EP that describes the stages of love in four acts: devotion (Love Letter); desire (Into You); frustration (Good Boy); and ecstasy (Rush). And we recommend you to press play and let go (because you will definitely will):

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