5th WtMM Balcony Show: Alexander Carson + Tom Lee-Richards

Two Folk-based musicians are ready to play over the clouds for our 5th ever WtMM Balcony Show!

As the days get bigger and bigger we’ve just thought about celebrating music one more time. For the 5th WtMM Balcony Show, we will have the honor of hosting Alexander Carson and Tom Lee-Richards, two acts we’ve talked about in the last two years. 

Alexander Carson:

The piano starts the whole thing on in Alexander Carson songs. But soon the accelerated vocals react upon the story they want to tell. The piano is always more melodic than anything other, and the vocals sort of represent the storyteller. Sounding at times like an Irish prayer and others a bit Bowie-ish, but never dull or less challenging. And when the piano turns into a harp we already feel connected to his odd-sounding uniquely-melodic chanting.

For the first time ever in Lisbon, the UK-based Alexander Carson will play an intimate show over our balcony in Lisbon on Sunday 26th.

Tom Lee-Richards

“The spring has come; the clothes get shorter, more colorful and happiness is all over the air. Since we wake up we want to hear happy songs that make us smile and dance. And since we want you to feel the same, we present you Tom Lee-Richards!”

Living in Lisbon for the last four months, this New-Zealander’s folk experimentalism drives the listener in. Placed over beats created with a lot of samples, using vocal layers interlaced with guitar ones, what seems to be folk soon gets another dimension with a lot of ambient-pop influence and even tropical sounds coloring his songs into full-groovy melodies.

Things to know:
- Donations are used to cover expense costs by the organization and the artists. The goal of WtMM Balcony Shows is not to make any profit but rather make possible for emerging artists to play home-made shows over at our Balcony in Lisbon.
- Door opens at 4 p.m and close at 5.45 p.m. Don't be late!
- The address (GPS coordinates) will be sent by email to the first 55 to book their place!
- During each WtMM Balcony Show we will record a clip of one or two of the songs performed. For that we will also capture footage on the audience. If for any reason you don't want to appear on that footage please report that to any of the fotographers. 
- The Balcony show is limited by the weather. If it's raining the show will be held in an also intimate wine cellar 30 minutes from Lisbon. This alternative place is only accessible by car, so if that will happen and to accommodate the audience expenses the entrance will be free of charge.