Caleb Harris – A Day In June

With a distinctive tone and an evident sentimental charge, this is Caleb Harris.

Caleb Harris New Secret

The guitar starts it all on Caleb Harris newest song A Day In June. After about 30 seconds, Caleb vocals get into the song, with a distinct tone and an evident sentimental charge, everything sounds easy to listen to. Everything sounds gorgeous. The song is about transitioning from Winter to Spring, but also about sentimental regrets and evidently and ultimately about love.

The warm vocal choir that later get in the song are a very nice variation, and so it is the melody variation and the way every single time the chorus is sung, it sounds different and more intense. With the final minute working as mix between a guitar solo and an almost ambiance variation of the melody, this is an unique song that will grow on the listener until it turns very personal.

A Day In June follows Reasons I Fear (featured as one of the best releases of January) a song we have previously described as sung with heart and mind while comparing him to Matt Corby in terms of honesty and power.

The first single by the Brighton-based singer-songwriter was Banshee and was released in 2018. In this track, Caleb sounds more Jose Gonzalez than in any other. The guitar flow easily flows into our hearts and his distinctive vocals sound once again instantly empathic and flowy (and ever involving). Very very easy to love.

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